Sunday, May 1, 2016

I'm sorry, Latino Republicans, you've been had.

So, I was listening to NPR interviewing a Latina woman who is a Republican, and she was saying that she saw Latino people at the store using food stamps and then getting into a nicer car than hers etc, and it made her angry.  That's why she's a republican and supports the anti-immigrant sentiment that Trump supporters go ballistic for.  ....Kind of.  She actually said she believed that it was more of a ploy to rile people up for the primary than his actual beliefs about immigrants...she hopes?  Now, here's what I have to say about that:

What kind of a fool do you have to be to support a party that supports this kind of rhetoric, and especially the candidate that SAYS it???  Thats just the most racist, culturally insensitive thing I have ever heard and you, a Latina Woman, are willing to brush it off like he doesn't really mean it??  C'mon!!! Even if he doesn't, just saying such things belies a character of deciet and hatred.

Also:  re: family at the grocery store using food stamps:  YOU DON'T KNOW that person's story.  You have NO IDEA.  you don't know how they fell on hard times, or how they got that car maybe its borrowed!!!!  This is NOT a valid point for believing that Illegal immigrants are feeding off the taxpayer money, in fact, there is a LOT of evidence that suggests that MOST of them pay taxes!!  Also: noticing that they are Latino/Immigrant, you are  assuming that that's why they APPEAR to be taking advantage of food stamps or other government assistance!  COULD YOU BE MORE RACIST??? Srsly.  Statistics show that it is actually a SMALL percentage of people that receive benefits that are illegally certifying for them or "freeloading" or whatever, and that by far those who do are NOT primarily of Latin descent or immigrants!   Its this kind of thinking that the Koch brothers spend milllions of dollars trying to indoctrinate you with.  These: are LIES.

Also, FYI, Republican Latina Lady, the Koch Brothers spend BILLIONS of dollars perpetuating lies to buy your vote, preying on your self-hatred, anger, fear and lizard brain, and NOT ONE CENT on supporting the causes that actually advance the well-being of Latino Americans.  Please, Please stop buying all this ignorant bullshit and open your eyes.  For Fuck's Sake.

Friday, February 26, 2016


Its NOT OKAY!!! Nobody ASKED if it was OK if they fed massive amounts of hormones and antibiotics to the chickens and cows and animals that they slaughter to feed us.  nobody ASKED us if it was OK to exploit low wage workers in third world countries to bring us cheap fashion.  We had to find out, after the fact!  its so SLEAZY!!  Did they think that this would be OK?  Did it appear ethical at the time?  This world has gone absolutely bananas!!!  NO!  NONE OF THIS IS OK WITH ME!!! And they are relying on IGNORANCE to continue all these inhumane production practices!  ITS NOT OK!!  and the most tragic part is, its not necessary!  These harmful practices have consequences!  They make us sick, they destroy the earth, innocent people and animals DIE!  If everyone knew about this, they'd be like, NO!!!! No way!  If we were given a choice up front, we would have sent them back to the drawing board, like "you need to work on a better alternative because, this shit is terrible."  Like who greenlit all these insane ideas!!!  WTF???