Sunday, September 20, 2009

getting political

I'm tired of hearing about Joe Wilson. Who cares? Listen, the President graciously accepted his personal apology, and if its good enough for Obama, its over. THEN WHY ARE WE STILL HEARING ABOUT IT???? Ugh! its a distraction from issues that are much more important. And now some people want to allege that the outburst was racially based???? Thats a stretch. It is disrespectful to play the racism card about just anything that involves a person of color.  Racism is real and alive in this country, and its dangers are watered down by these ridiculous media stunts.

Speaking of important issues, Can anybody tell my why no one has addressed the CAUSE of all this trouble with the healthcare system? I feel like we are putting a big useless bandaid on a gaping knifewound that is slowly but surely killing us! The problem is, healthcare is extravagantly expensive. isn't that clear? Why? Why did that happen? Can we address the cause? Where is all the money going?


  1. sorry bout the typos i'll work on that

  2. Where is the money going?
    Drug Companies are showing healthy profits. Insurance companies showed record profits this year... in a recession no less. Doctors are not going hungry. Everyone is our "Health System" is in it for the MONEY.
    Imagine if our "socialized" Police, Fire and Education systems were for profit and money driven....

  3. That wasn't always true--what changed? can we go back to a different motivation or impetus such as helping people??? Now i'll have to start my rant on materialism in this country too!

  4. this is actually addressed in This American Life Episodes
    #391 "more is less" and #392 "someone else's money". thank you Ira!