Monday, September 21, 2009

She Wolf I am a fan of Shakira. I think she's beautiful and talented, and that she brings many fresh and exciting ideas to her music and has a unique and relevant voice as a woman and as a latina. BUT I am concerned about her performance at the ALMA awards last week! At the risk of sounding like an old lady... I was kind of shocked by her performance. I felt like she was objectifying herself and that she was hypersexualized by the camera angle. It was my understanding that the ALMA awards were about celebrating a "diverse, accurate and balanced representation," "positive perceptions," "enhancement of the latino image," "civil rights advocacy" in entertainment. This performance felt...stereotypical, objectifiable, and like a step away from a positive representation of a latina woman. This performance opened the show and set the tone for the evening, and usually I feel like Shakira is Authentic, original, woman-positive, empowered and that she celebrates her femininity and culture through bellydance. And she was lipsyncing. Badly. Shakira, you can do better! We women need you to step up be we latina or otherwise!

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